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Features of Independent Energy Storage Expansion System

Dec 14, 2020

The transformer is overloaded for a long time. In order to avoid the risk of electricity consumption, the discharge power can be dynamically adjusted according to the load situation during the day to ensure that the transformer is in a safe working range at all times. The independent energy storage expansion system can provide a large amount of power to the load in a short time after slow charging, thereby reducing capacity charging.

Features of independent energy storage expansion system

1. High-reliability lead-carbon battery without complicated fire fighting system.

2. Reliable capacity expansion method to ensure stable transformer load.

3. Support the peak-to-valley electricity price model to ensure the lowest electricity cost for owners.

4. System for reducing electricity bills.

Independent Energy Storage Expansion System

Why choose lead-carbon batteries?

Lead-carbon batteries incorporate high specific surface area carbon materials (such as activated carbon, activated carbon fibre, carbon aerogel or carbon nanotubes, etc.) into the lead negative electrode to give play to the high conductivity of the high specific surface area carbon material and to lead-based active materials The dispersibility of lead sulphate improves the utilization of lead active materials, effectively protects the negative plate and inhibits the growth of lead sulphate crystals. Lead-carbon batteries are a mixture of lead-acid batteries and supercapacitors. They are similar in principle to super batteries and are another type of super batteries.

Advantages of lead-carbon batteries

1. High specific power, fast charge and discharge; improve the conductivity of the electrode plate, reduce the internal resistance of the battery, and improve the high-rate discharge performance of the battery; inhibit the production of lead sulphate, no negative electrode sulfation during battery use, and long cycle life;

2. Reduce the average pore diameter of the negative electrode, increase the active material load, and increase the battery energy density;

Promote the uniform distribution of lead sulphate on the negative plate and extend the battery life;

3. Increase the specific surface area of the negative electrode, improve the reaction efficiency of active materials; reduce polarization, improve battery charge and discharge performance, and reduce hydrogen evolution;

4. Electric double-layer capacitance effect, with the characteristics of lead-acid batteries and supercapacitors; suitable for high-power partial state-of-charge cycles, and more suitable for energy storage systems and recycling fields; The designed service life of the battery is 15 years, and the cycle service life is ≥2000 times (70% DOD).

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