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Nanjing Xiante Storage System

This is a typical energy storage independent capacity expansion project.Due to owner's business expansion, the original transformer is overload for long time.In order to avoid the risk of electricity consumption, an energy storage system is installed. This system will dynamically adjust the discharge power according to the load situation during  daytime, so as to ensure transformer is in a safe operating range at any time.

This system could reduce capacity charge by provide a large amount of power to the load in a short period of time after slowly charging.

Nanjing Xiante Storage System

1. High reliability lead-carbon battery, no requirement of complex fire protection system

2. Reliable capacity expansion mode, ensure stability of transformer load

3. Support peak-valley electricity pricing model, ensure lowest electricity cost for owners

4. System used for electricity cost reduction

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Nanjing Xiante Storage System


Project Brief

Project TypeEnergy Storage Power Expansion Project
Site LocationNanjing,Jiangsu
Energy Storage Power100kW
Energy Storage Capacity300kWh