Solar Solutions, Solar Design

As a global electrical solutions provider, you need to be clearly aware of the important position of renewable energy in the future market and always commit to providing a wide range of electrical solutions for the solar industry. Zenergy provides complete electrical BOS (Balance-of-System) solar solutions, whether it is DC, AC protection and breaking product series, surge protection devices, solar inverters, or photovoltaic combiner boxes, Zenergy is professional and reliable Of electrical products are widely used in the overall solar industry chain. In addition, our professional team of engineers can provide comprehensive support in design, installation, after-sales and other aspects.

Why choose Zenergy?

Electrical BOS solution

When planning to build a complete electrical BOS system, it is undoubtedly important to find a truly trustworthy supplier. As a global electrical solutions provider, Eaton’s rich experience and excellent reputation are your best choice.

Convenient one-stop solution

Compared with competitors, Eaton Electric can provide you with a convenient one-stop electrical BOS solution. By choosing Eaton’s solutions, you don’t need to worry about the compatibility and reliability of various components. Eliminate the trouble of placing multiple orders with different suppliers. Most importantly, you no longer need to worry about product reliability.

Customized product solutions

Whether it is household, commercial or industrial applications, we can tailor and customize electrical BOS solutions for your special needs to ensure that the complete solution provided to you is optimal.