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Why deal with PID?







Retard degradation


What is PID?

The PID problem is the PV performance degradation caused by high voltage to the earth for a long time.

How to identify

Daily genration

reduces gradually

Voltage decreases

obviously when the PV

module operate

in low light

Zenergy PID Box Advantages

  • The industry's first Dynamic Adaptive Voltage (DAV) feature, which balancing system safety and recovery speed perfectly.
  • Multiple protective features to avoid secondary damage to the power station and operator.
  • Powerful wireless monitoring system to obtain system status anywhere at any time.

Zenergy PID Offset Box F.A.Q.

  • What is PID offset box and what is the function?

    PID offset box is designed to the power generation reduction caused by PID problem in PV power station. Power generation could improves effectively by PID offset box, and to ensure the power station revenue.

  • How does the PID offset box work?

    PID box is in standby state during daytime, and running after inverter stop working at night. The PID offset box will stop working automatically without manual operation before inverter starts operation next day.

  • What kind of power station need PID offset box?

    All PV modules have PID problems with various order of severity. PID offset box could be installed at power station no matter new or running for more than five years or even longer. The severity of the PID problems in the power station could be detected by Zenergy Tech and provide you the most suitable solution.

  • How to detect the PID problem of my power station?

    There are two detection methods: 1: The third party is responsible for the test but with high price. 2: Simple method is to detect the open circuit voltage of PV module under Lower light condition by multimeter. If the voltage is significantly lower than nominal value, the PV module is likely to have PID problems.

  • How’s PID offset box repair effect?

    According to existing PID problem of power station, power generation could increase up to 5%~50% by repair PID problem. Under normal conditions, the power generation will rise to 95% or higher than theoretical value.

  • How long is the initial repair time of PID offset box?

    The initial repair time is depend on the environment of the plant, there is usually a significant increase in power generation between one week to one month.

  • Then how to connect the PID offset box?

    PID offset box is usually connected to PV module string with simple and convenient installation.

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  • Will installed PID offset box adversely affect existing equipment?

    Zenergy PID offset box has been obtained compatibility statements with SMA, Kaco, ABB/Powerone, Sungrow, and other company. The statement pointed out that Zenergy PID offset box will not have adverse effects on the inverter and PV module, in addition, effectively improve the power generation, and increase revenue for owners.

  • How long is PID offset box warranty?

    PID offset box has 5 years standard warranty. And provide 10 or longer optional warranty according to customer demand.

  • How do I know this product is running properly after installation?

    1: Looking at the indicator light. The PID box is only operate at night, the PV green light normally on when it is not working at day time, and HV red light flashing when working at night, at the same time, please check whether the repair voltage higher than usual.

    2. Use Zenergy exclusive online monitoring cloud platform for PID products. Details of operation status and related parameters of PID products will be checked by monitoring platform.


  • 50

    Served countries & regions

  • 500

    500+ MW of PV power station successfully repaired

  • 2000

    Over thousand units in total shipments

PID Offset Box Hights

High Efficiency

Fast repair of PV module

Dynamically repair voltage prevent the degradation of

System insulation

Low power consumpton

Wide range of input voltag

High Reliability

High reliability for safety

Compatible with the cathode grounding and insulation

Monitoring device

Comprehensive protection functions

IP65 outdoor application

Smart Controlling

Auto start, easy operation and maintenance free

Smart indicator display

Output overload and short circuit protection

Smart remote monitoring (optional)

Flexible & Friendly

Parallel connection, convenient and reliable

Applicable to central and string inverters

Compact design easy installation

Various operating modes(optional)