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About Us

Zenergy focuses on micro-gird solutions and fully integrated renewable energy for industry, resorts, islands and no electricity area to significantly reduce the energy cost and carbon footprint of our clients.

Zenergy is committed to offer stable, renewable and environmental-friendly energy, as well as upgrade existed energy patterns to rise power efficiency and system reliability for our customers.

No matter what your requirements are, Zenergy will provide you with the most optimized micro-grid solutions.

Zenergy Tech Co., Ltd. is a team with 10-year-experience in PV field and relevant power electronic equipment R&D ability. Over the years we have been devoted to the rational utilization of renewable energy such as  Multi-source hybrid system design and photovoltaic (PV)  and implementation solution. Based on deep understanding of micro power grid, our comprehensive solution is not limited to PV itself but from the perspective of the whole power supply system, to provide more reliable and efficient power solutions for the owners.

Zenergy Tech Co., Ltd.

Zenergy Team

Zenergy team is constantly developing innovative solutions and services, and always providing optimized solutions to enhance user experience whatever the electricity environment is.

Our company has many foreign partners who provide solar energy solutions for foreign businessmen. We recently received an award. Thanks to our partners for their trust, Zenergy will not forget our original intention and continue to move forward.

What They Say About Us

  • Guatemala Comercial PV systrem

    Steven 2017.05

    Guatemala Comercial PV systrem

    Jun. 17, 2019

    Great company. Innovative products and R&D team always looking to make the customers' jobs easier. Great teamwork culture where everyone works together for the better of PV & Micro-grid industry and electrical power quality around the globe!

  • Soneva Fushi Maldives PV Diesel Hybrid system

    Masaki 2018.10

    Soneva Fushi Maldives PV Diesel Hybrid system

    Jun. 17, 2019

    Friendly, helpful and efficient, they bent over backwards to accommodate us when our inverter broke down while we were on holiday, was up and running very quickly. Can't praise them enough.

  • Maldives: Sea Water Desalination Hybrid System

    Bushra 2019.03

    Maldives: Sea Water Desalination Hybrid System

    Jun. 17, 2019

    Zenergy installed my Solar PV system as contractor. They were very professional and efficient throughout. Shan Yang, who organized the whole project, he was highly dedicated to getting the job done and stayed hours longer than he must have planned after there was a problem on the first attempt. This really inspires confidence in the quality of Zenergy's work.

Zenergy Tech Co., Ltd.

1017, Building 4, No. 32, Jinyuan Road, Daxing District, Beijing(102628)

Tel: +86 10 6127 2381

Fax: +86 10 6021 5824

E-mail: info@zenergytech.com

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