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British Companies Have Developed Photovoltaic Tiles with An Efficiency of 17.5%

Jun 02, 2020

The British roof tile technology company has developed a solar tile that uses single-crystal Perc solar cells. The company said that this solar tile is similar to standard concrete roof tiles and is suitable for new and renovated roofs. Renewable power system installation company shares with you.

According to the manufacturer, this dark gray flat brick has a power output of 18W and an efficiency of 17.5%. "It takes 9.7 bricks per square meter and the total output reaches 175 watts," Antonio Lanzoni, the company's founder and co-director, told PV magazine. "Our proposed solution is patented and provides strong protection for the product."

Lanzoni said the device is made of a PV etched glass panel attached to a concrete roof tile and uses 22% efficiency solar cells produced by a Chinese manufacturer that is "mature in Europe."

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The product has a 25-year performance guarantee and weighs 6 kg, of which photovoltaic equipment contributes 1.2 kg, including 3 mm satin-strengthened glass.

According to Lanzoni, the installation of a double-isolated tile is 25% to 30% more expensive than a standard rooftop photovoltaic array. But the installation cost of BiSolar is cheaper than the roof slab. Lanzoni said: "Standard roof installers can install these double-layer tiles like ordinary roof tiles because they can be easily connected by simple MC4 connectors under the solar panels."

The company started selling the product in the second half of last year, but the Covid-19 crisis has slowed down operations in recent months. Lanzoni said: "However, we are now providing some potential partners with the first test roofs in some countries."

Roof Tiles Technology hopes to enter new markets and is said to be discussing with the construction and roofing industry companies the establishment of production facilities outside the UK. "Potential partners will benefit from the use of our patents, the exclusive rights to established supply chains and technologies. All assistance from the assembly process to roof installation." Lanzoni added.

In the wind and rain test, the installation performance of BiSolar is better than the roof with traditional tiles.

Lanzoni said that the product patent application process began a year ago, and BiSolar tiles have been inspected for the first time. This patent requires the use of PV in combination with concrete roof tiles, but cannot change the structure of the latter or allow water to penetrate. The product must also be a clear, recognizable, defined color for varnish, powder coating and plastic, and it will not turn blue.

"The photovoltaic panel will be automatically pasted to the roof tile surface at the very precise position defined by the robot production line, and the sealing strips are fixed on the three sides of the photovoltaic panel." Lanzoni introduced.

Roof Tiles Technology has designed a production line with an annual capacity of 18 MW. Lanzoni said the manufacturing equipment will be part of the product package provided to partners who wish to manufacture BiSolar tiles.

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