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Declining Photovoltaic And Energy Storage Costs

Nov 13, 2019

Renewable power system installation company bring you the latest news.

1. PV cost reduction

The on-grid price of photovoltaic power generation has continued to decline. According to CCTV reports, China's PV has been able to achieve a cheaper Internet access. At the same time, the continuous decline in electricity prices will also reduce costs. At present, the cost of photovoltaic power generation is equivalent to the cost of thermal power, and the cost soon. It will even be significantly lower than thermal power.“Promoting the cheap access to the photovoltaic industry” Currently, the total cost of some PV projects can reach 3.5-3.6 yuan/W. This not only promoted the substantial increase in the scale of photovoltaic applications, but also achieved the “weaning” process of the photovoltaic industry, no longer relying on financial subsidies to promote the sustainable development of photovoltaics.China's PV costs have fallen by nearly 40% in the past three years, and the cost reduction is slightly faster than the global average. Technological advancement, policy support and large-scale development are the main thrusts of cost reduction.

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2. The growth of distributed PV is strong, and the foreign optical storage user side has achieved parity.

The distributed PV market is the focus. Distributed and energy storage are mutually reinforcing. An important problem in distributed photovoltaics is the instability of the grid connection. In addition to storing electrical energy, the energy storage can also adjust the power fluctuations of distributed photovoltaic grid connection and enhance the stability of photovoltaic power generation. The development of energy storage will provide a better development environment for distributed photovoltaics.

Photovoltaic systems with added energy storage have higher self-use rates. The revenue calculation of the “spontaneous use, surplus electricity online” grid-connected model involves three parts: state subsidies, saved electricity bills and online income. The electricity bill for electricity is higher than the income from the Internet (the electricity bill sold to the grid), so the more electricity you use, the higher the income. At present, the spontaneous use of the user's photovoltaic system is relatively low, and some are less than 30%, and the combination of photovoltaic + energy storage will greatly increase the self-use ratio, thereby increasing the user's revenue.

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