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Which Locations Are Suitable For Installing Distributed Photovoltaic Power Generation Systems?

Nov 27, 2019

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Industrial plant: especially in factories with large electricity consumption and expensive electricity purchase fees, the roof area of the plant is usually large, the roof is wide and flat, suitable for installing photovoltaic arrays, and due to the large power load, distributed photovoltaic grid-connected systems can Do the local consumption to offset some of the electricity purchased online, thereby saving users' electricity costs.

Commercial buildings: Similar to the effect of industrial parks, the difference is that commercial buildings are mostly cement roofs, which is more advantageous for installing photovoltaic arrays, but they often have architectural aesthetic requirements. According to commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels, conference centers, resorts, etc. The characteristics of the service industry, user load characteristics are generally higher during the day and lower at night, which can better match the characteristics of photovoltaic power generation.

Agricultural facilities: There are a large number of available roofs in the countryside, including own houses, sparse vegetable greenhouses, fish ponds, etc. The countryside is often in the public power grid and the power quality is poor. Building a distributed photovoltaic system in the countryside can improve electricity security And power quality.

Municipal buildings and other public buildings: Due to unified management specifications, user loads and commercial behavior are relatively reliable, and installation enthusiasm is high, municipal buildings and other public buildings are also suitable for centralized continuous construction of distributed photovoltaics.

Remote agricultural and pastoral areas and islands: Due to the long distance from the power grid, there are still millions of people without electricity in remote agricultural and pastoral areas in China's Tibet, Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Sichuan and other coastal islands. Off-grid photovoltaic systems or The complementary microgrid power generation system with other energy sources is very suitable for applications in these areas.

Micro Power Grid Design

Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation combined with buildings is an important application form of distributed photovoltaic power generation at present. The technology has made rapid progress, which is mainly reflected in the installation mode combined with buildings and the electrical design of building photovoltaic power generation. According to the different installation modes combined with buildings, it can be divided into photovoltaic construction integration and photovoltaic building addition.

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