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Europe's Largest Photovoltaic Power Plant Completed in Spain

Jan 18, 2020

The project was completed within a year, setting a record for the construction time of such power stations. It is called the Nunez de Balboa project and has obtained the commissioning license of the Ministry of Ecological Transformation.

The National Grid, known as the Spanish Electricity Corporation (REE), has already begun testing, and if these tests pass, the plant will begin operation in early 2020.

Nunez de Balboa has a huge installed capacity of 500MW, attracting approximately 300 million euros of capital investment. All this is to revive green energy in Spain in the near future. Our company supplies renewable energy system design.

The entire photovoltaic power plant covers an area of more than 1,000 hectares, which is on par with Usage, Hinojosa del Valle and Bienvenida. Driven in part by Ecoenergias del Guadiana, the project has broken the record for renewable energy. This includes 1.43 million solar panels, 115 inverters and two substations installed throughout the development, which have millions of smaller components.

Renewable Energy System Design

Economically, the project has brought a considerable boost to the surrounding areas of Extremadura, Spain. The project requires more than 1,200 employees to work during peak periods, 70% of which are from Extremadura.

This development has also had a positive impact on the value chain, with up to 30 suppliers participating in the project. Purchases from these companies amounted to nearly 227 million euros.

In the future, the photovoltaic power plant will produce clean energy and provide electricity to 250,000 people annually. This is equivalent to the combined population of Badajoz and Caceres. It can also reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 215,000 tons per year.

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