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Cost effective, sodium ion batteries is a new star of new energy resources

Sep 03, 2021

On August 25, 2021, the Chinese government expressed: cost-effective sodium-ion batteries are expected to become an important complement to lithium-ion batteries, especially in the field of stationary energy storage will have good development prospects. Relevant departments support the promotion of high-performance, qualified sodium-ion batteries in new energy power stations, transportation, communications base stations, and other fields to accelerate the application, and promote the full commercialization of sodium-ion batteries.

Climate change is a global problem faced by mankind, China has put forward the 2030 carbon peak and 2060 carbon neutral target. Sodium-ion battery has abundant resources, low cost, high safety, high conversion efficiency, flexible and easy integration, fast response speed, maintenance-free and other advantages. It is an important foundation to support the new energy in power, transportation, industry, communications, construction, military, and other fields of wide application. Moreover, it is one of the key supports to achieve carbon peak, carbon neutrality.

Zenery cooperating with Hina BATTERY as early as 2019, has provided a 30kW/100kWh sodium-ion battery storage power station for Jiangsu Liyang. To fully test the battery performance under various operating conditions, the power station has a variety of operating methods, such as peak filling, power smoothing, reactive power compensation, etc.

The rich resources and cost advantages of sodium-ion batteries make it has good prospects in the field of energy storage. It is expected to promote the further development and transformation of the new energy industry. With the support of government policies, Zenery will pay more attention to the technical research of sodium-ion batteries and apply more sodium-ion batteries in the field of new energy power stations.

Cost effective, sodium ion batteries is a new star of new energy resources

We believe that with the strong support of the Chinese government and relevant departments, the sodium-ion battery industry will develop in a healthy and orderly manner. And it will be able to enter the global markets, providing a new choice for energy storage and microgrid users.