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Yingli Solar Is Represented Solar Power International Conference

Sep 27, 2019

Great start to the Solar Power International Conference at the Terawatt Sponsor in Salt Lake City! Yingli Solar is represented at this conference from September 24th until 26th. Yingli as the most senior sponsor of the conference--terawatt level, providing professional solutions and services with teams from the US, Europe and China. It is reported that the exhibition is the largest and most influential solar energy exhibition in North America.

Yingli Solar Is Represented Solar Power International ConferenceYingli Solar Is Represented Solar Power International Conference

The conference co-hosted by the Smart Power Alliance of America and the Solar Energy Industry Association of America, attracted industry experts from 75 countries and regions, representatives of world-renowned enterprises and nearly 700 exhibitors. Which covering photovoltaics products, energy storage technology and products, solar architecture and engineering applications, it is the best platform for seeking global business opportunities and access to the North American market.


Yingli brand displayed on the exhibition site, entrance advertising, guide signage, Exhibition Guide, Business Center and other places, which forming a strong brand impact. "Yingli's as the highest-level sponsor of the exhibition, the Terawatt -level sponsor, has given an active voice to the market, that reshaped the image of the Yingli market and sent a positive message to Yingli, " said Yingli, chief commercial officer and general manager of the US branch. According to the United States market demand of high-power and appearance of modules, Yingli focus on "Panda" double-side products, all black products, multi-busbar and mono high-efficiency products. In addition, Yingli held a technology exchange session during the exhibition period to share Yingli's technology roadmap and give a detailed explanation on Yingli's technological advantages and future development.


Yingli Solar Is Represented Solar Power International Conference

Yingli Solar Is Represented Solar Power International Conference

Yingli's participation in the exhibition is mainly from the Chinese headquarters, the United States and the European team. In the golf events organized by the organizers before the exhibition, Yingli logo has been displayed on Yingli exclusive gifts, competition jerseys, staff clothing and so on, Yingli customers participate in the golf games, pre-exhibition Business Dinner and parties.


No matter how the external environment changes, demand in the US market has been growing steadily. Yingli has been deeply involved in the US market for many years and has been committed to providing high-quality, reliable products and professional services to local customers, Mrs. Hu said, With the rapid development of the market, we hope to adjust and innovate the marketing model, with multi-angle interaction to customers and the industry. We hope to improve the customer experience, listen to the voice of customers, more direct and effective understanding customer and market demand with better service and relaxed & pleasant atmosphere.