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What Is a Solar Diesel Hybrid System?

Jun 17, 2020

Solar-Diesel Hybrid Power System Introduction

Electricity from diesel generator sets has provided hundreds of gigawatts of power to industrial companies and states around the world. However, rising fuel costs and additional transportation and storage costs may put their main source of electricity at risk. In addition, power grids in many parts of the world may be unreliable or unavailable. This is why industrial companies are turning to alternative energy sources.

In recent years, the cost of photovoltaic systems and battery storage has fallen sharply, making it an affordable energy source for businesses in remote areas. For an industrial consumer, using only one photovoltaic system and relying solely on solar radiation (even if there is enough solar energy, and it is free) is not a safe choice, because photovoltaic production may be inconsistent. This is why the industry uses a solar-diesel hybrid power system.

What is a solar-diesel hybrid system?

A solar hybrid system is a power system that combines the solar energy of a photovoltaic system with other energy sources. One of the most common hybrid power systems is the photovoltaic diesel hybrid power system, which couples photovoltaic and diesel generators, also known as diesel generator sets. Diesel generators are used to steadily fill the gap between load and photovoltaic system power generation. Battery storage can be used to improve the performance of the entire system to ensure that energy meets demand. Due to the limited capacity of diesel generator sets and inconsistent solar power generation, it can also include an energy management system to optimize the system.

Solar-Diesel Hybrid Power System Design

How does the photovoltaic (solar) diesel hybrid power system work?

According to users and their situation, the main energy source can be grid power, photovoltaic system, or diesel generator set. When it is connected to the power grid, we will discuss the on-grid system. When it is isolated, this is an off-grid system.

In any case, these energy sources are used to supplement each other. Whether to fill the gap caused by grid faults or to reduce fuel consumption, photovoltaic systems can provide additional energy. The battery can also be used to store excess energy for future use.

What are the advantages of a solar-diesel hybrid power system?

The solar-diesel hybrid system has many advantages.

Increase PV penetration:

Photovoltaic solar systems can drive voltages to unacceptable fluctuations or out-of-range values, and EOS solutions can be used to support the integration of distributed photovoltaic solar energy on their grids.

No energy wasted:

With the right equipment, the energy generated during the day will not be wasted or fed back into the grid. It can be stored and used at any time.

Uninterrupted power:

When the grid fails or the photovoltaic power generation is insufficient, the system can continue to operate.

Environmentally friendly:

The use of sustainable resources reduces carbon dioxide emissions.

The above information is provided by a hybrid grid system design company.