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How To Do After The Solar Panel Is Scrapped?

Dec 30, 2019

Solar panels can convert light energy into electricity, which brings great convenience to outdoor lighting, but many people may think of a problem. As a new energy source, solar energy is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which greatly reduces environmental pollution, but at the same time, another issue may be involved. Solar photovoltaics system solution company shares with you.

That is, these equipments that use these new energy sources, such as solar panels are damaged and scrapped, have they caused new pollution? This involves the recycling of solar panels.

In fact, many materials for battery panels can be recycled. For example, the core material crystalline silicon can be reused in the heavy metal industry, glass panels can be sent to glass manufacturing, aluminum frames can be sent to aluminum refineries, cables, After being crushed, the connectors and the like can be reused in the form of copper beads, and waste plastics and the like can be used as fuel ... So as long as it is handled properly, you don't have to worry too much about the new environment caused by the waste of solar panels Pollution or waste of resources, how should we deal with scrapped solar panels?

Hybrid Power Supply System

1. When the battery board is damaged and can be rescued, pay attention to avoid touching the battery board with bare hands. After the battery board is scrapped, do not carelessly, there is still a risk of electric shock, so it is best to wear dry wire gloves or rubber gloves and other insulation gloves, to isolate the danger of electric shock;

2. If you encounter a solar panel connected by a cable, you should pay attention to unplug the cable. If you cannot remove it, you must cut the link cable in other ways;

3. For the cut cable, if there are copper wires exposed, be sure to wrap it with plastic tape to avoid electric shock;

4. After that, the solar panel is transported to the waste place. For the sake of caution, it is best to use a hammer and other tools to break the glass and separate the glass, battery cells, metal frames, wiring materials, etc., to facilitate subsequent reuse.

5. During the entire operation, it is best to cover the front of the battery panel with blue tarpaulin or cardboard, or directly face down to avoid direct sunlight, which will cause the operation of the photoelectric conversion process. To increase the danger, even if there is no sun at night, you should pay more attention to avoid the battery board being energized.

Our company provides a hybrid power supply system.