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The Development Prospects of Microgrid Commercialization

Jul 28, 2020

Micro-Grid is a small power system composed of distributed power sources, loads, energy storage, transformation and distribution and control systems.

The microgrid is an autonomous power system that can realize self-control, protection and management. It can be operated in parallel with the external power grid or in an isolated grid.

1. Difficulties in the promotion of independent microgrids

facing difficulty:

(1) The high cost (distributed power supply, energy storage);

(2) Short life cycle and difficult operation and maintenance (mainly because of the short life of energy storage, and the technology of microgrid control and energy management is more complicated).

Insufficient policy support: It is difficult to measure and apply for subsidies for independent renewable energy (wind, light, etc.) power generation. At present, the country does not have clear measurement standards and supporting policies for independent micro-grids and related renewable energy generation, energy storage, transformation and distribution and control systems.

Micro Power Grid

2. Countermeasures

Countermeasures for the development of independent microgrids:

The cost of distributed power generation decreases (the trend is: Cost of photovoltaic power generation < thermal power)

Energy storage technology advances, battery life is extended, and costs are reduced

Many parties strive for national recognition of independent microgrid renewable energy (wind, solar, etc.) power generation metering (set standards and promote implementation), and provide various subsidies for existing policies in a timely manner; independent microgrids can also be granted in the early stage of development. Power grid and energy storage subsidy policy.

Combining the promotion and application opportunities of new types of loads: electric vehicle charging, coal-to-electric heating, and geothermal pumps.

3. Prospects for commercialization development

(1) Prospects for the development of independent microgrids:

Independent microgrid based on distributed photovoltaic + energy storage, the most promising

Will be the first to make breakthroughs in special applications (electric vehicle charging, island power supply)

(2) In the future, there are two options for users to use electricity; large grid and independent microgrid

The future large power grid will be expensive, geographically limited, inconvenient and flexible;

The future independent microgrid will be: cheap, less restrictive, convenient, and flexible.

The above information is provided by microgrid developers.