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The Implication of New Energy Microgrid

Sep 22, 2020

With energy diversification and cleanness as the direction, with the goal of optimizing the energy structure and promoting the transformation of energy strategy, a new round of energy revolution featuring clean energy and smart grids is advancing.


With the increasing penetration rate of renewable energy, the challenges of renewable energy such as difficulty in grid connection, difficulty in absorption, the low energy efficiency of long-distance transmission, high loss, low equipment utilization, and the poor marginal efficiency of system expansion investment are becoming more and more serious. . The highly monopolistic technical framework system and management system of the traditional energy power industry are not suitable for the access of renewable energy and distributed energy with high penetration rate.

Micro Power Grid

The new energy microgrid utilizes a variety of renewable energy sources such as wind, light, biomass, natural gas, etc., through energy storage and optimized configuration to achieve a basic balance between local energy production and energy load, and through the integration of multiple energies such as cold, heat and electricity to achieve Adequate consumption of renewable energy, building a smart energy comprehensive utilization LAN. The new energy microgrid uses Internet thinking and methods to build a new regional energy ecosystem, increase the proportion of renewable energy, transform the energy structure, improve the efficiency of comprehensive energy utilization, increase public participation, increase the comprehensive value of energy, transform economic growth, and drive industry upgrade.

The new energy microgrid has two operating modes: grid-connected and independent. The networked microgrid is generally connected to the power distribution network to support each other and realize the two-way exchange of energy. For the grid, it can be managed as a controllable load. When the external power grid fails, it can be switched to the independent operation mode. Through advanced control strategies and control methods, the highly reliable energy supply in the new energy microgrid can be guaranteed, and the seamless switching of the two operating modes can be realized. The independent microgrid is not connected to the conventional grid and uses its own distributed energy to meet the load demand in the microgrid. When there is renewable distributed energy in the network, it is often necessary to configure an energy storage system to maintain the power balance between energy and load, and to make full use of renewable energy, suitable for supplying energy to users in islands, remote areas, and other places.

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