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The Difference between Micro Grid and Large Grid

Sep 30, 2020

Micro-Grid: refers to a small power system connected to distributed power sources, generally including distributed power sources, energy storage, loads, transformation and distribution, and control systems.

Microgrid technology is mainly a new type of grid developed to meet the needs of a large number of distributed new energy sources to connect to the grid. It is an important part of modern smart grids and an important development direction of modern smart grids.

There are two types of microgrids: independent and grid-connected.

The independent micro-grid can be constructed separately, operated independently, and not connected to the external power grid, independently ensuring the balance and stability of power generation and power supply in the micro-grid and stable power supply for the load in the grid.

Micro Power Grid

The grid-connected microgrid can be connected to the external power grid for operation, or it can be a pre-designed island, which can be disconnected from the external network when the external power grid fails or needs to operate independently, through the distributed power and storage in the integrated control network Energy system to maintain the power supply of all or part of the important electrical loads. The microgrid is generally connected to the upper-level grid at a point (PCC: Common Connection Point), and the demarcation point can be set at the connection line breaker at the outlet of the microgrid.

Whether it is an independent or grid-connected microgrid, it can support a variety of power sources (especially unstable distributed new energy) and a variety of loads, and operate independently and stably. It is a microgrid that is different from a simply distributed Power generation, backup power supply, UPS, distribution network and other similar power types are important features. Microgrids are often combined with technologies such as combined cooling, heating, and power to form a micro-energy grid for the comprehensive utilization of multiple energy sources.

Since the concept of microgrid was put forward in 2005, a large number of microgrid demonstration projects have been practiced at home and abroad, and the microgrid has also evolved from a relatively simple and small system structure to a complex and large microgrid. The future microgrid will be a distributed, multi-level microgrid architecture. For multi-level micro-grids, each micro-grid can operate independently, can operate in isolation with itself and the lower-level micro-grids, or can be connected to the upper-level micro-grid or large-scale grid. This building block structure has good scalability. Some researchers put forward the concept of microgrid group and power internet, which will gradually become a reality with the development of distributed power generation and microgrid.

The development trend of the microgrid is: the voltage level of coverage is getting higher and higher, and the capacity is getting bigger and bigger.

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