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Is Your Roof Suitable for Solar Panels?

Sep 17, 2021

10KW Solar Power System-For Home

10KW Solar Power System-For Home

You'll want to consider the sunlight the roof receives and the style of the roof to ensure it's a good investment for your property. This is not only a geographical factor, with Arizona receiving the most sunlight, but also your specific environmental factors. Trees are the most common culprits for blocking sunlight, however, roof skylights and neighboring buildings can also be a barrier to your new energy source.


The orientation of the roof can also affect the amount of sunlight on the panels. Solar systems thrive best on roofs that face south. This is the result of the sun crossing the southern part of the sky from east to west. Keep this in mind when looking at installation plans as well. You want to capture as much direct light as possible, and this is best achieved with panels that are properly tilted.


How much power does a 10kW solar system produce?

As defined by the laboratory Standard Test Conditions (STC) results, the system generates a total of approximately 10,000 watts per hour. This breaks down to an average of 29 to 46 kWh per day.

If you plan to use a 10kw solar power system, it is recommended that your current energy usage is at least 20 kW per day and that your current bill is at least $800 per billing cycle. If you are using less electricity, it may be more appropriate to install smaller solar panels.


How much can I save on my electricity bill with a 10kW solar power system?

Based on average electricity costs and usage in the USA, the average homeowner can save around $1,344 per year with a solar system designed to cover all their energy consumption. In almost all cases, a solar panel system will significantly reduce your utility bills. How much a solar system can actually save you may vary from state to state. This is because your electricity bill depends on you.


How much energy do your panels produce

How much is your electricity bill is

Your state's net metering policy

For example, in Florida, a 10 kW solar system that produces 1,000 kWh of electricity in a month could save you around $110 per month on your electricity bill. If a system installed in Massachusetts produces the same amount of solar energy - 1,000 kWh - it will save you $190 per month.


The difference in savings is due to the fact that electricity is much more expensive in Massachusetts than in Florida.


How can I get the most out of my 10 kW solar system?

To maximize your return on investment, you should try to increase the number of activities that require energy during peak daytime hours. This may require some creativity to rearrange your daily habits and schedule. Remember that the items in your home that consume the most energy will take priority over this solar fuel.


How much maintenance does a 10 kW system require?

Although not too demanding, 10kw solar panels do require some routine maintenance. A few times a year you will need to take care to remove any accumulated debris and dirt. This can be done quickly and easily by gently spraying the panels with a garden hose. Do this in the early morning and late evening and avoid using very cold water to minimize the risk of the panels breaking. If you prefer a simpler method of cleaning, there are a number of automatic cleaners available. This 10kw solar power system works in a similar way to an underground sprinkler system used for yard watering. If interested, talk to your suppliers and contractors about the options they are familiar with.

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