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10kw Solar System

10KW Solar Power System-For Home

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1. Off-grid rooftop power generation system. It is mainly composed of solar cell components, controllers, batteries, and AC inverters. To supply power to AC loads, an AC inverter household solar power generation system is also required.

2. Grid-connected rooftop power generation system means that the direct current generated by solar modules is converted into alternating current that meets the requirements of the mains grid by the grid-connected inverter, and then directly connected to the public grid. Grid-connected power generation systems have centralized large-scale grid-connected power stations, which are generally national-level power stations. The main feature is that the generated energy is directly transmitted to the grid, and the grid is uniformly deployed to supply power to users. However, this kind of power station has a large investment, a long construction period, and a large area, making it difficult to develop and promote. The distributed small grid-connected power generation system, especially the rooftop photovoltaic power generation system, is the mainstream of grid-connected power generation due to its advantages such as small investment, fast construction, small footprint, and strong policy support.

The economic analysis of 10KW household solar power system is as follows (for example)

10KW Home Solar Power System-Project Overview

1. Brief introduction of 10KW household solar power generation system:

According to the geographical location of the project, design the area of solar panels that can be arranged and estimate the investment.

2. 10KW home solar power generation design

System design list

Installed capacityInstallation methodNumber of invertersInverter capacityComponent typePeak power of a single moduleNumber of componentsNumber of single string componentsNumber of modules in parallelMPPT power
10 (kW)tile along the roof110 (kW)polycrystalline250 (W)4020210000 (w)

Estimation of power generation

This project uses PVSYSTEM software when analyzing system power generation, which is a professional tool software. It aims to improve the ability of planners, decision-makers, and industry to implement renewable energy projects and energy-saving projects. PVSYSTEM can be used worldwide to evaluate various indicators of energy-saving and renewable energy technology solutions, such as energy output, cost during use, and greenhouse gas emission reductions. All clean energy technology models in the software include a complete set of product, cost and weather databases and detailed user online manuals, as well as other tools such as case studies.

The following is an analysis of the photovoltaic power generation system efficiency and power generation capacity of the 10kWp rooftop photovoltaic power generation system for this project:

Photovoltaic system typeClimate data sourceComponent modelSystem capacityInverterModule assembly inclinationShadow analysis
grid-connectedMeteonom software250W10kW10kWtile along the roof angleIgnore the shadow effects of surrounding buildings

From the results of the software operation, it can be seen that the total efficiency of the photovoltaic system is 79.9%, and the electricity converted from renewable energy in the first year is about 10,000 kWh.

Forecast of actual power generation

The power generation calculated by PVSYSTEM software is the value under ideal conditions. Due to the attenuation characteristics of polysilicon, in actual operation, the output power of the battery module is attenuated every year, and the power generation should decrease year by year. In addition, the attenuation rate of each module manufacturer's product is also different. In order to maximize the power generation rate of this project, our company selects the highest quality polysilicon battery module to ensure that the nominal output power is not less than 98% in the first year, and the annual attenuation is not high. At 0.7%, not less than 80.7% of the nominal output power until the 25th year.

Four Economic Analysis

Through calculation, it can be known that if all power generation is self-generated, the photovoltaic system will start to make a profit in the 7th year of the project's operating cycle. At this time, the photovoltaic power generation system is still in the normal operation period.

It can be seen from the above that the rate of return for the construction of a 10kw photovoltaic power generation system is higher than the bank deposit interest rate. If it is an industrial and commercial roof, the return on investment is higher.

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10kw Solar System


Project Brief

Project Type Solar Farms
Location Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Project Type Solar Farms
Location Kanchanaburi, Thailand
Project Type Solar Farms
Location Kanchanaburi, Thailand