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Four Advantages of PV-Diesel-Storage Micro-grid System

Aug 02, 2019

PV-Diesel-Storage Micro-grid System power the load under the supply by PV, Diesel and Battery. When the electricity from the PV is abundant for the load, it will be used for charging the battery.

And this system is more stable and continuous in the view of power supply.

Four Advantages of PV-Diesel-Storage Micro-grid System

1, High reliability

The load may outage only powered by Diesel Genset or PV station. But when its powered by different resources together, it can ensure continuous power supply under any circumstances, such as diesel interruption or continuous rainy days.

2, Lower cost per kilowatt

The diesel price is more expensive in the remote area, it will add the cost per kilowatt. However, when the PV is the only power supply for the system, the cost per kilowatt will also be higher under satisfying the requirement of reliable power. Only combining the Diesel and the PV can reduce the cost per kilowatt efficiently.

3, Flexible running mode

The PV, Diesel Genset and Storage System can be controlled to turned on-off or adjusted to the reasonable state automatically under the different loads without the person.

4, Environmentally Friendly System

A, Reduce the amount of using diesel, reduce carbon emissions

B, The diesel engine works in the best range to improve the combustion efficiency

C, Noise reduction, energy storage can replace diesel engine power when running at low power, and avoiding night noise