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Benefits of Photovoltaic Systems

Mar 16, 2021

Zenergy has different missions inside the renewable energy world, an important one is to help you reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills (from 25% to 85%) by using one of the most significant products - a Photovoltaic System (PV system), which will also increase your property value.

Solar Panels are one of the most important components in a PV system, becoming a staple in renewable, green and clean energy. They’re the perfect solution for your home, especially since we are in an area with one of the best weather conditions, with more than 300 days per year with direct sunlight.

When choosing a PV system, it’s important to consider:


Quality is very important, as inferior solar panels may only work for a short period of time, As they cannot cope with vibrations, drops and temperatures.

Space and location

It’s necessary to consider how suitable space is, and the locations of where to install them. Since you should always prime to obtain optimum efficiency and energy return.

Cost and potential saving

Firstly, check if there is a need for a PV system in your home. Second, Confirm the ideal size of the PV system (KWh). Finally, calculate the time required for your return on investment (Casa Verde will provide your personalised case study).

PV System

Benefits of photovoltaic systems

1.Solar PV systems can be designed for a wide range of applications and operational requirements and can therefore be adapted to your individual situation. There are domestic system sizes as well as commercial solar panel sizes.

2.Solar PV systems require very little maintenance once they have been correctly installed. In addition, their reliability and energy independence will provide you with a lifetime of power generation capacity.

3.Solar PV systems rely on natural resources (sunlight) to provide sustainable power generation and their operation does not generate any noise or pollution.

4.As PV systems are modular, they can easily be expanded and in some cases even transported.

5.Although solar panels can be expensive to install, it is important to remember that a solar PV system will reduce your electricity bill in the long run, as it runs for free.

Steps of a PV system installation:

1.Technical survey

Zenergy specialized team will verify your energy bill to analyse which size is ideal for your PV system. We will also study your roof space to decide the best placement for the principal component (solar panels).This technical survey can be done remotely. We can present all options through a video call. Our specialised team will assist in analysing all your needs and find the perfect solution for you.

2. PV system installation

A certified technician will install your PV system, on a date to be agreed upon.

3.DGEG registration

After the installation is complete the technician registers it according to the law.

4. Meter Change

(Done by energy supplier).